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01.08.2017 #9. Moving to another Hosting...

#Web Development

Sorry, guys.

I didn't post for a long time. From the beginning of the year 2017, 000webhost Service has been moved to other platform and that moved was a bit painful and not comfortable. Also, they integrated ads to my website, and only in paid account is an option to turn the ads off.

That's why one very hot summer day I watched very nice motivation video from Bobby Chiu and decided to move to the new hosting and post more and more :)

I read the article on techradar.pro - 10 best free web hosting providers 2017 and chose FreeHosting.com. This service promises very good conditions: Bandwidth: 250GB | Disk Space: 10GB | Ads: No | Panel: Cpanel | MySQL Databases: 1 | Website: 1 | E-mail accounts: 1 | Domain hosting: yes | FTP: Yes For me, the most important were an ability to use FTP and absence of advertising. The movement to another hosting was super easy, all that took half an hour for me. After registration, I got an email with necessary information.

So I highly recommend using this service.

08.03.2016 #2. What do you need to create and share your own web page?

#Web Development

It took me a lot of time for me to share the second post in my blog, but I didn't waste these time, I was thinking about design. I gathered a lot of references, finally, I didn't use them :D And these time I spent for drawing small images on the top and on the end of the page. Also, I was looking for the fonts, especially for the name - JaMysha's Lab. Oh, yes! I'm satisfied now and ready to new articles and to fill my blog.

So I will describe you all the process that I did for this. Read More...