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03.06.2016 #4. Graduation!

#Game Design


I've finally finished my Capstone Project from Game Design: Art and Concept. I'm very thankful to all my teachers in this specialisation in Coursera, it was really fun and pleasant time!

Coursera certificate

19.04.2016 #4. Game Design: Links.

#Game Design


I've started my Capstone Project and received the list of Additional Resources, so I added some links from my bookmarks and want to share this list with you. Read More...

22.03.2016 #3. Game Design: Art and Concepts, review the Coursera specialization.

#Game Design

Hi, Folks!

I have almost finished 5-courses specialization on Coursera, held by CALARTS (The California Institute of the Arts), Game Design: Art and Concepts. I will have a Capstone Project, but it starts only in April 2016. This specialization focuses on the art concept of making games: it can be completed without any coding skills, just with paper and pencil. I should say, yes, I like these courses.

So I will open my Study Experiments and show what I made during the learning. Also, if you want to know details, I will tell you everything ;) Read More...