JaMysha's Lab

09.01.2017 #8. Progress reel from Class 1. Animation Mentor.


Hi, my fellows! Congratulations to the year 2017!

The new year started and with it started my Class 2: Body Mechanics in Animation Mentor. This class will be taught by John Nguyen and I have a feeling that he is great in teaching and critique! And now I wanna share you my progress reel from the Class 1: Animation Basics with Scott Lemmer. I know that I'm so lazy that I didn't finish my Animation section here, but you can always follow to my animation shots on my YouTube channel.

And if you want to know my personal experience from Animation Mentor or want to ask me anything else, please don't hesitate to send me a mail.

28.08.2016 #5. My first steps in Animation.


Oh, my God! More than 2 months passed from my last post. A lot of great things have happened and one of this great thing - I've entered to the Animation Mentor, it's a perfect on-line school for those, who want to learn animation!

My main subject begins at the end of September and lasts for 1,5 year. Now I'm having Maya workshop and I really like it!

I'm absolutely fresh in animation but it brings me so much happiness. In the summer I've tried so very interesting course on Future Learn - Explore Animation. The course was stunning, but I've finished only the first week. During the 2d week, I've needed to have some basics in Adobe Animate or in the similar program. So I've pushed it back for some time. But I plan to come back to it! This course is really good, and will bring you a lot of fun if you're interested in such amusement.

So I'm presenting your my result of work at the third week of the Maya workshop in Animation Mentor. Only 10 seconds but it's taken me many hours of work.

Also, I'm planning to fill my "About Me" page finally today. Where I'm going to provide the links to my Youtube, Tumblr and the other social networks accounts.

And I'm proud to say: Thanks for watching :)