JaMysha's Lab

Hi, folks!

If you come here to discover who I am, the truth is - I am a curious explorer and most of all, I like being the eternal learner. My nickname is JaMysha, and I use it almost in all social media. Please be my friend, feel free to mail me and comment my work. I'm keen on animals, drawing and life observation. In the imaginal world, in which no one should earn money for living, I would draw, draw all time and everywhere! :)

My goal is to be an animator and work in the industry. It will be awesome if I can give life to human and creatures in feature films or video games! That's why I finished the Character Animation Program in Animation Mentor and Game Animation Workshop in iAnimate school. But study never finishes after school and trying to achieve my 10 000 hours of practice I constantly work on my own shots.

Drawing gives me an endless field for exploring and I cannot stop studying. I think I draw not so long and even when I had three personal art exhibition and one of my painting is stored in the local museum I figured out only with one subject in art - landscape painting. Now I try to grasp the human anatomy and gesture drawing and I get dizzy from the possibility to draw something new.

But no matter of studying process I have been working since 16 and changed a bunch of jobs, trying to combine work, study and personal life. I always search for the new challenges in work that helps me to grow and apply the knowledge I've learned before.

If you want to follow my works, I'll be very happy about it. Sincerely, I'm not a very diligent blogger and I don't post regularly and each of my work. But I'll try to do my best.


If it's interesting for you, here you can find my Resume.

Demo Reel

Demo Reel from Ira Mishchuk on Vimeo.

YouTube I use Vimeo for Demo Reel, but some shots at work and mid-term reels can be found in my YouTube Chanel.
Tumblr I love Tumblr, that's the place that I visit almost every day and where I post some of my sketches and drawing, also all that I want to share.
Instagram I've recently launched the Instagram page to my art, so it's a quite empty of drawings. But I'm going to fill it up with different drawingss that I practice or create. Please come, follow and be my friends!
Pinterest On Pinterest I have a huge collection of references, tutorials and amazing drawings. It's the platform where I gather something helpful for artists.
DeviantArt I rarely use DeviantArt now. Here I usually upload traditional paintings, watercolors, pastels and everything like this.

I look forward to getting an email from you!