JaMysha's Lab

Hello, dear fellows!

If you came here to discover who I am, I tell you - I am a curious researcher. My nickname is JaMysha, and I use it almost in all social medias. Please be my friend, email me and comment my work. Most of all I like animals, studying and drawing. In the imaginal world, in which no one should earn money for living, I would draw, draw all time and everywhere! :)

As a painter I got a real success, I had three personal art exhibition. And I'm proud to tell, that one of my painting is stored in the local museum. But I've never stopped learning, cos I think that I can do it even better! I have been working since 16 and changed a lot of different jobs. Not so far away, I finished a few self-taught courses and right now working as a designer. But for now, my goal is to be an animator and work in the industry. It would awesome if I can create games or cartoons! That's why I'm studying now in Animation Mentor and iAnimate.

If you want to see, what I've done, or follow my works, I'll be very happy about it. Sincerely, I'm not a very diligent blogger and I don't post very regularly and every of my works. But I'll try to do my best.

YouTube YouTube, it's the place where you can find animation, that I've ever done.
Tumblr I love Tumblr, that's the place that I check every day and where I post almost all my sketches and drawing, also all that I want to post.
Pinterest On Pinterest I have a huge collection of references, tutorials and amazing drawings. That's the place where I collect all great stuff for artists.
DeviantArt To the DeviantArt I usually upload traditional paintings, watercolors, pastels and everything like this.
Talenthouse On Talenthouse I have a gallery of my collages, experiments and black and white drawings.
Behance Behance, here I have a few Photo Projects. Really small amount of photos, I should definitely think about posting more.
Blogspot On Blogspot I've just started collecting great reference videos for animation.