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01.08.2017 #11. 101 Sketchbook Ideas


Hi, fellow people!

I'm going to start a 100-days drawing challenge by Matt Fussell: 101 Sketchbook Ideas If you wanna draw with me, you're very welcome!

Please follow me on Tumblr and support, I hope I'll do it :)

101 Sketchbook Ideas. Day 1

01.08.2017 #10. My beloved Youtube channels.


I mentioned in the previous post one of my favorite Youtube channel: Bobby Chiu and now I want to share my beloved Youtube channels that I like to watch.

For artists:

For animators:

I hope I was helpful and you can found here a new interesting source of inspiration for yourself. If you know cool Youtube channel that I didn't mention, please let me know about it!

01.08.2017 #9. Moving to another Hosting...

#Web Development

Sorry, guys.

I didn't post for a long time. From the beginning of the year 2017, 000webhost Service has been moved to other platform and that moved was a bit painful and not comfortable. Also, they integrated ads to my website, and only in paid account is an option to turn the ads off.

That's why one very hot summer day I watched very nice motivation video from Bobby Chiu and decided to move to the new hosting and post more and more :)

I read the article on techradar.pro - 10 best free web hosting providers 2017 and chose FreeHosting.com. This service promises very good conditions: Bandwidth: 250GB | Disk Space: 10GB | Ads: No | Panel: Cpanel | MySQL Databases: 1 | Website: 1 | E-mail accounts: 1 | Domain hosting: yes | FTP: Yes For me, the most important were an ability to use FTP and absence of advertising. The movement to another hosting was super easy, all that took half an hour for me. After registration, I got an email with necessary information.

So I highly recommend using this service.

09.01.2017 #8. Progress reel from Class 1. Animation Mentor.


Hi, my fellows! Congratulations to the year 2017!

The new year started and with it started my Class 2: Body Mechanics in Animation Mentor. This class will be taught by John Nguyen and I have a feeling that he is great in teaching and critique! And now I wanna share you my progress reel from the Class 1: Animation Basics with Scott Lemmer. I know that I'm so lazy that I didn't finish my Animation section here, but you can always follow to my animation shots on my YouTube channel.

And if you want to know my personal experience from Animation Mentor or want to ask me anything else, please don't hesitate to send me a mail.

31.10.2016 #7. Inktober 2016. Completed!


October 31!

I'm so so happy that I completed Inktober 2016. It was a lot of work, hard way of drawing and many nights without sleeping. During this month I fully utilized one eraser, 2 refill cartridges for my Brush pen and one sketchbook, almost used 8 Faber-Castell markers and one distressed marker. I learned how to draw all days and spend less time for frustration and vacuous thoughts. I became more creative and can mix genres, stories and express myself.

I'm so proud of myself!

Thank you, guys, for supporting me during this long month on Tumblr and special thanks to @inktoberincentive @afterhoursanimationschool @31witches​ for inspiration in daily drawings! I hope many of us completed this challenge!

Inktober 2016. Day 31

Here are some drawings from Inktober that I like the most.

01.10.2016 #6. Inktober 2016


Hi, folks!

Today is the October' first day. I truly love October, it's warm and the weather can be nice. It's time for walk and drawing! Yeap, world 31 days drawing challenge begin! Every October, artists all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month.

Every year I followed the InkTober but never participated. This year should be another. I start drawing every day and I'm going to draw 31 drawings. Please support me and follow me on Tumblr.

Inktober 2016. Day 1

Also, I encourage you to start with me, anyone can do InkTober, just pick up a pen and start!

28.08.2016 #5. My first steps in Animation.


Oh, my God! More than 2 months passed from my last post. A lot of great things have happened and one of this great thing - I've entered to the Animation Mentor, it's a perfect on-line school for those, who want to learn animation!

My main subject begins at the end of September and lasts for 1,5 year. Now I'm having Maya workshop and I really like it!

I'm absolutely fresh in animation but it brings me so much happiness. In the summer I've tried so very interesting course on Future Learn - Explore Animation. The course was stunning, but I've finished only the first week. During the 2d week, I've needed to have some basics in Adobe Animate or in the similar program. So I've pushed it back for some time. But I plan to come back to it! This course is really good, and will bring you a lot of fun if you're interested in such amusement.

So I'm presenting your my result of work at the third week of the Maya workshop in Animation Mentor. Only 10 seconds but it's taken me many hours of work.

Also, I'm planning to fill my "About Me" page finally today. Where I'm going to provide the links to my Youtube, Tumblr and the other social networks accounts.

And I'm proud to say: Thanks for watching :)

03.06.2016 #4. Graduation!

#Game Design


I've finally finished my Capstone Project from Game Design: Art and Concept. I'm very thankful to all my teachers in this specialisation in Coursera, it was really fun and pleasant time!

Coursera certificate

19.04.2016 #4. Game Design: Links.

#Game Design


I've started my Capstone Project and received the list of Additional Resources, so I added some links from my bookmarks and want to share this list with you. Read More...

22.03.2016 #3. Game Design: Art and Concepts, review the Coursera specialization.

#Game Design

Hi, Folks!

I have almost finished 5-courses specialization on Coursera, held by CALARTS (The California Institute of the Arts), Game Design: Art and Concepts. I will have a Capstone Project, but it starts only in April 2016. This specialization focuses on the art concept of making games: it can be completed without any coding skills, just with paper and pencil. I should say, yes, I like these courses.

So I will open my Study Experiments and show what I made during the learning. Also, if you want to know details, I will tell you everything ;) Read More...

08.03.2016 #2. What do you need to create and share your own web page?

#Web Development

It took me a lot of time for me to share the second post in my blog, but I didn't waste these time, I was thinking about design. I gathered a lot of references, finally, I didn't use them :D And these time I spent for drawing small images on the top and on the end of the page. Also, I was looking for the fonts, especially for the name - JaMysha's Lab. Oh, yes! I'm satisfied now and ready to new articles and to fill my blog.

So I will describe you all the process that I did for this. Read More...

01.02.2016 #1. About this page.

Hello, World!

I'm a non-Genius Newbie in programming, web design, game development... illustration. The world is full of amazing talented people - what that I found when I became search my way. Every time when I'm looking to DeviantArt, Tumblr or my another subscription, I realize that everybody started coding or drawing from the cradle. And when you start doing something, everyone tells you - you must practice, practice and again practice. You began practice but the most of the tutorials look in such way: first - please, draw the circle, second - oh, you must finish your owl!

I like drawing, but I'm not perfect or genius painter. And I like math, truly like. Also I hate boring "paperwork" with counting. Creating something, even it just not so good, makes me happy. So I decided to be a game designer. Every article proclaims - to be a game designer, it's not funny job, it's boring paperwork! But they didn't convince me :) I like to invent, I like to draw and coding is cool!

So I'm starting from the zero. I will tell about all my training in development, game design and illustration. What and where I learn. And I use here only my new knowledge. So, sorry for the poor web-design, I don't wanna use any prefab, just code written by hands. I start learning html5 two months ago, just a few weeks learning Python and (cheating!) I draw for a some time. But I'm a neophyte in digital painting. Oh, and English is not my native language.

Let's go!

A little Ghost for luck ;)

Ghoust for Luck