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30.05.2022 #31. Le Rendez-Vous des Arts Awards


Just a quick update. I am so happy and proud that one of our movies, Le Rendez-Vous des Arts, has started to win many awards this year. Congratulation to our entire team and especially to our talented director - Walter Rastelli!

LRVA AwardLRVA AwardLRVA Award

20.05.2022 #30. Some news


The last years have not been easy. Firstly pandemic ruined many plans and put life on pause. Then I was forced to leave my house and go abroad. I still do not have a stable place to live or a reliable income, but I am safe and have high hopes for the future.

But the good things happened too. I took Composition and Storytelling courses with Marshall Vandruff. I didn't expect, but I really liked Storytelling. It was a joy to watch "The Simpsons" and learn storytelling principles from the episodes. By the way, if you're interested in Marshall's awesome teaching, now you can learn from him for free. He posted his Bridgman Bootcamp on YouTube. Watching his lecture is a trully pleasure.

And finally both animated films, that I worked on with great delight and honor, they are both completely finished! My dear friends, it is beyond words, how exciting it is to see my name in the end credits!

Le Rendez-Vous des Arts End Credits

01.02.2021 #29. Perspective Class


In January I completed the Perspective Course with Marshall Vandruff. We had a small and warm Class, my Classmates are very talented and studying with them was a pleasure. It was very intense training with a brilliant mentor. Marshall is great at giving feedback and explaining the material. I'm so happy that I have the Composition Class with him next.

It's my final project, but I got so many skills and knowledge that can't be put in one image. And it was just an awesome time!

P.S. On my Instagram, I show a few stages of this painting if you are interested in it.

Perspective Class

01.01.2021 #28. Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays to all!

Let this year 2021 bring us lots of happiness, luck, smiles, warmth and light. May it be full of bright colors, pleasant experiences and joyful events. I wish you all to be healthy, beautiful, loved and successful!

Happy Holidays

09.11.2020 #27. Inktober 2020


This year I finally complete the Inktober 2020 challenge. Not in one month, but 31 drawings are done. You can follow me on Instagram or Tumblr, I usually post my Inktober drawings there.

Sadly this year's challenge was declined by the many artists due to the plagiarism scandal. If you're so lucky that you didn't hear about it before, you can watch this video - Inktober Plagiarism Scandal by Ethan Becker. I, personally, try never to judge anyone and don't participate in a scandal. The artist's environment should be healthy and supportive.

This year I tried traditional inking for the first time and choose Winsor and Newton drawing inks. Let me share some useful tutorials about inking, that I liked.

And here are my favorite drawings from this Inktober.

Inktober 2020. Scrawl Inktober 2020. Sleep Inktober 2020. Rip

11.09.2020 #26. LightBox Expo 2020


Hey, friends,

I'm so excited because this year Lightbox Expo is held online and everybody can attend it. Even more, entry tickets start from $1! Wow! I hope we will meet there soon ;) A lot of favorite artists will be there: Proko, Aaron Blaise, Marshall Vandruff, James Gurney and others.

LightBox Expo 2020

10.09.2020 #25. How to create your own animation by the AnimatorIsland


Hello guys,

Ferdinand Engländer from Animator Island has started a new Livestream series about the creating of an animated short film. He just released the first episode about writing for animation. As for me, it will a great opportunity to get some useful knowledge. Please check the first video and if you like it - follow the AnimatorIslandTV.

13.07.2020 #24. Le Rendez-Vous des Arts - Teaser Trailer


A few days ago my team has released a teaser to the movie, at that I'm currently working. I hope you will like it :)

And don't forget to follow us follow us on Facebook or Instagram if it's interesting for you.

17.05.2020 #23. Animation Alerts


I got a friend request from another website today so I checked it. It seems to be a nice fresh site about animation and graphic design. It started not so far, but I hope the page with the Interviews will grow. Please keep going! Let's be friends and grow together! :)

Animation Alerts

10.04.2020 #22. Instagram


I've recently launched the Instagram page, so there are not so many drawings but I'm going to fill it up with different arts that I practice or create. Please come, follow and be my friends!


28.03.2020 #21. Links for those, who like games.


Hi friends,

I hope, that you are doing well and staying happy and safe during these hard times! You may miss the social connection and good news, so I prepared a few things to help through this period of self-isolation. Here are the links to the most interesting and popular game magazines, please enjoy reading:

If you need to chat with somebody and discuss all game-related and not-related questions, not only a huge amount of Discord channels are at your service, but also some other Game Communities:

A small bonus:

Free Game Planet When you're bored from reading, come here and just play for free! A huge and fresh collection of downloadable or browser games. That's really the world's best free game archive, weekly updated.

And that's not all for today! One more big bonus for you!

You know, this is a good time to learning and if you got inspired after reading game reviews, watching videos and playing indie-games, you can do your game yourself! I give you a great place to start: Programming Guide For Video-Gamers.

This extremely cool and helpful link was discovered by one of my young and talented readers - Dylan (with the help of his father). Thank you Dylan, you are the best! Keep going! ;)

Let's have a good time at home and stay safe!

20.03.2020 #20. Inktober52


Hello friends,

maybe you stuck at home, like me, but, please, don't go into depression and sad thoughts. It a good time to do something creative, why not? Jake Parker started at the beginning of the year super cool creative challenge - Inktober52. The rules are very simple:

Originally, it's a weekly drawing challenge, but who says that we only can draw? You can write a novel or poem, knit or embroider, do lettering or even sculpt clay. Anything that you like to do or want to try. My rule is only one - don't limit yourself!

Where to find the next prompt? Here, posted on Instagram. It would be cool when you will also post your creation with hashtag #inktober52.

Can't wait to see what you've done!

P.S. I think about moving my drawing from Tumblr to Instagram too. Probably I'll put it on my "to-do" list.

Inktober52. Day 04 Official prompt list

18.03.2020 #19. Artella's new Project Le Rendez-Vous Des Arts


Even when I plan to stop animation and have a small vacation I cannot miss the great project if I see it! Yeap, since December 15th, 2019 I've been working at a super cool movie, directed by Walter Rastelli. It's gonna be a beautiful and charming story about the birth of the Cinema! I animate "Painting" and honestly, she is my beloved character and fits perfectly with my owт personality The design of the characters and color schema are so warm and cozy, I'm totally passionate about this project.

Please follow us on Instagram and on Facebook! And cross your fingers ;)

Le Rendez-Vous Des Arts

01.12.2019 #18. Artella's Project TOTTI


Hello guys!

I'm happy to say that I've finally finished my work on the project "Run Totti Run". It should be an awesome movie and I'm proud to be a part of the creating team. But honestly, it was so hard! :D I've put a lot of time and effort into it but received so huge experience and knowledge. Naturally, I can't show anything from what I've done in this cartoon until it will be on air. The team hopes to finish everything until August 2020. And if you're lighting or VFX artist, you're welcome to help us! Also, you can follow the project on its website: RunTottiRun

What's about the future? I don't plan to dive into the next project right now. I want to develop my drawing skills and learn more about game animation and the whole process of creating game character. And it's time to post a few articles on site that I've planed before :) See you soon!


04.10.2019 #17. Inktober 2019


October is the beloved month for the artist community and that all because of Inktober! It is a month-long challenge where artists in the world create a drawing each day during October. And of course, post their drawing thought social media. If you wanna participate too, there are simple rules:

If you need some motivation, read the cool article from Christine Nishiyama "How to Kick Inktober's Booty This Year!" And don't forget to join the official Inktober newsletter from Jake Parker.

As for me, I'll try to do the best and draw ;) You can follow me on Tumblr.

Inktober 2019. Day 04 Official prompt list

26.05.2019 #16. Artella's Project TOTTI


I've started working on Artella's Project TOTTI from today. That's a marvelous shot written and directed by Shad Bradbury and I'm totally in love with that plot. Shad is an amazing Director, the pipeline is well organized and everything is super clear and thought out to details. I wanna see Shad's plan all the way through.


29.04.2019 #15. FMX 2019


FMX 2019 - who's going? I will be there! Tomorrow begins the conference in Animation, Effects, Games and Immersive Media. From talks on Rodeo FX’s Simulations in "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" to the 20th Annual Animation Show of Shows with Ron Diamond and FMX Closing Party. I'm looking forward to listening, watching and hanging out all 4 days!

FMX 2019

21.04.2019 #14. Demo Reel


A lot of patience and a little night work, as a result, my Demo Reel is finally ready to go. But then again, I'm my harshest critic, for me, it's hard to stop and say myself - "That's perfect!" I can always find something to improve :)

15.03.2019 #13. Human Anatomy Course


Hello guys,

I've started learning human anatomy and I totally adore the process :) I watched tonnes of different tutorials, but Proko video lessons works for me the best! I use this free Library but you can also check the Premium Courses with more detailed lessons...

Human Anatomy Study. Gesture Drawing Human Anatomy Study. Spine Human Anatomy Study. Pelvis

20.08.2018 #12. Progress reel from Animation Mentor. Just after Class 6


Hu-hu! Finally, I finished Character Animation Programm at Animation Mentor, all 6 Classes! That was really hard, a lot of had happened, but I did it :) You're welcome to watch my demo reel just after School. And you can always follow to my animation shots on my YouTube channel.

If you want to know my personal experience from Animation Mentor or want to ask me anything else, please don't hesitate to send me a mail.

01.08.2017 #11. 101 Sketchbook Ideas


Hi, fellow people!

I'm going to start a 100-days drawing challenge by Matt Fussell: 101 Sketchbook Ideas If you wanna draw with me, you're very welcome!

Please follow me on Tumblr and support, I hope I'll do it :)

101 Sketchbook Ideas. Day 1 101 Sketchbook Ideas. Day 2

01.08.2017 #10. My beloved Youtube channels.


I mentioned in the previous post one of my favorite Youtube channel: Bobby Chiu and now I want to share my beloved Youtube channels that I like to watch.

For artists:

For animators:

I hope I was helpful and you can found here a new interesting source of inspiration for yourself. If you know cool Youtube channel that I didn't mention, please let me know about it!

01.08.2017 #9. Moving to another Hosting...

#Web Development

Sorry, guys.

I didn't post for a long time. From the beginning of the year 2017, 000webhost Service has been moved to other platform and that moved was a bit painful and not comfortable. Also, they integrated ads to my website, and only in paid account is an option to turn the ads off.

That's why one very hot summer day I watched very nice motivation video from Bobby Chiu and decided to move to the new hosting and post more and more :)

I read the article on techradar.pro - 10 best free web hosting providers 2017 and chose FreeHosting.com. This service promises very good conditions: Bandwidth: 250GB | Disk Space: 10GB | Ads: No | Panel: Cpanel | MySQL Databases: 1 | Website: 1 | E-mail accounts: 1 | Domain hosting: yes | FTP: Yes For me, the most important were an ability to use FTP and absence of advertising. The movement to another hosting was super easy, all that took half an hour for me. After registration, I got an email with necessary information.

So I highly recommend using this service.

09.01.2017 #8. Progress reel from Class 1. Animation Mentor.


Hi, my fellows! Congratulations to the year 2017!

The new year started and with it started my Class 2: Body Mechanics in Animation Mentor. This class will be taught by John Nguyen and I have a feeling that he is great in teaching and critique! And now I wanna share you my progress reel from the Class 1: Animation Basics with Scott Lemmer. I know that I'm so lazy that I didn't finish my Animation section here, but you can always follow to my animation shots on my YouTube channel.

And if you want to know my personal experience from Animation Mentor or want to ask me anything else, please don't hesitate to send me a mail.

31.10.2016 #7. Inktober 2016. Completed!


October 31!

I'm so so happy that I completed Inktober 2016. It was a lot of work, hard way of drawing and many nights without sleeping. During this month I fully utilized one eraser, 2 refill cartridges for my Brush pen and one sketchbook, almost used 8 Faber-Castell markers and one distressed marker. I learned how to draw all days and spend less time for frustration and vacuous thoughts. I became more creative and can mix genres, stories and express myself.

I'm so proud of myself!

Thank you, guys, for supporting me during this long month on Tumblr and special thanks to @inktoberincentive @afterhoursanimationschool @31witches​ for inspiration in daily drawings! I hope many of us completed this challenge!

Inktober 2016. Day 31

Here are some drawings from Inktober that I like the most.

01.10.2016 #6. Inktober 2016


Hi, folks!

Today is the October' first day. I truly love October, it's warm and the weather can be nice. It's time for walk and drawing! Yeap, world 31 days drawing challenge begin! Every October, artists all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month.

Every year I followed the InkTober but never participated. This year should be another. I start drawing every day and I'm going to draw 31 drawings. Please support me and follow me on Tumblr.

Inktober 2016. Day 1

Also, I encourage you to start with me, anyone can do InkTober, just pick up a pen and start!

28.08.2016 #5. My first steps in Animation.


Oh, my God! More than 2 months passed from my last post. A lot of great things have happened and one of this great thing - I've entered to the Animation Mentor, it's a perfect on-line school for those, who want to learn animation!

My main subject begins at the end of September and lasts for 1,5 year. Now I'm having Maya workshop and I really like it!

I'm absolutely fresh in animation but it brings me so much happiness. In the summer I've tried so very interesting course on Future Learn - Explore Animation. The course was stunning, but I've finished only the first week. During the 2d week, I've needed to have some basics in Adobe Animate or in the similar program. So I've pushed it back for some time. But I plan to come back to it! This course is really good, and will bring you a lot of fun if you're interested in such amusement.

So I'm presenting your my result of work at the third week of the Maya workshop in Animation Mentor. Only 10 seconds but it's taken me many hours of work.

Also, I'm planning to fill my "About Me" page finally today. Where I'm going to provide the links to my Youtube, Tumblr and the other social networks accounts.

And I'm proud to say: Thanks for watching :)

03.06.2016 #4. Graduation!

#Game Design


I've finally finished my Capstone Project from Game Design: Art and Concept. I'm very thankful to all my teachers in this specialisation in Coursera, it was really fun and pleasant time!

Coursera certificate

19.04.2016 #4. Game Design: Links.

#Game Design


I've started my Capstone Project and received the list of Additional Resources, so I added some links from my bookmarks and want to share this list with you. Read More...

22.03.2016 #3. Game Design: Art and Concepts, review the Coursera specialization.

#Game Design

Hi, Folks!

I have almost finished 5-courses specialization on Coursera, held by CALARTS (The California Institute of the Arts), Game Design: Art and Concepts. I will have a Capstone Project, but it starts only in April 2016. This specialization focuses on the art concept of making games: it can be completed without any coding skills, just with paper and pencil. I should say, yes, I like these courses.

So I will open my PigeonHole and show what I made during the learning. Also, if you want to know details, I will tell you everything ;) Read More...

08.03.2016 #2. What do you need to create and share your own web page?

#Web Development

It took me a lot of time for me to share the second post in my blog, but I didn't waste these time, I was thinking about design. I gathered a lot of references, finally, I didn't use them :D And these time I spent for drawing small images on the top and on the end of the page. Also, I was looking for the fonts, especially for the name - JaMysha's Lab. Oh, yes! I'm satisfied now and ready to new articles and to fill my blog.

So I will describe you all the process that I did for this. Read More...

01.02.2016 #1. About this page.

Hello, World!

I'm a non-Genius Newbie in programming, web design, game development... illustration. The world is full of amazing talented people - what that I found when I became search my way. Every time when I'm looking to DeviantArt, Tumblr or my another subscription, I realize that everybody started coding or drawing from the cradle. And when you start doing something, everyone tells you - you must practice, practice and again practice. You began practice but the most of the tutorials look in such way: first - please, draw the circle, second - oh, you must finish your owl!

I like drawing, but I'm not perfect or genius painter. And I like math, truly like. Also I hate boring "paperwork" with counting. Creating something, even it just not so good, makes me happy. So I decided to be a game designer. Every article proclaims - to be a game designer, it's not funny job, it's boring paperwork! But they didn't convince me :) I like to invent, I like to draw and coding is cool!

So I'm starting from the zero. I will tell about all my training in development, game design and illustration. What and where I learn. And I use here only my new knowledge. So, sorry for the poor web-design, I don't wanna use any prefab, just code written by hands. I start learning html5 two months ago, just a few weeks learning Python and (cheating!) I draw for a some time. But I'm a neophyte in digital painting. Oh, and English is not my native language.

Let's go!

A little Ghost for luck ;)

Ghoust for Luck